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Concert Conversations Projects

The beginning

Between Heaven and Earth, recorded in 2013 and published all over the world, gives the possibility of associating listening to some Schubert’s work for piano with some commentaries in five languages ​​in which Faes analyzes the historical context of the composer comparing it to ours.

The idea

A slow and thoughtful approach to music.

An exercise in connection: between the composer’s world and ours, therefore between past and present.

Deep understanding of the music we are listening to through the comprehension of its original context.


Listening to a piece of classical music means weaving a plot of thoughts and emotions connected with our life and the world by which we are surrounded.

If the time in which the composer lived is far from ours, this exercise may not be immediate. How can modern audiences understand classical music today?

Thus the spoken word opens a channel of lively and immediate communication, through which the music expresses its full power and becomes clearer to the public as an “interior, parallel narration” of human History.

History repeats itself and the vision of the world of great musicians has always been extremely lucid. Faes has analysed the work of various composers, for example:

Schubert and the Restoration epoch in Wien

Schumann and the Industrial Revolution

Debussy and the WW I

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About Concert Conversations Projects

Concert Conversations are piano music and speech together. They are alternated in order to deeply explain and analyze music and the connections between past and present history.

The music performed is from Schubert, Schumann, Beethoven, Debussy’s repertoire and others.

Filippo Faes is fluent in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

To get un idea you can listen to the commentaries CD’s introduction of Between Heaven and Earth here

About Organizing a Concert Conversations

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About Between Heaven and Earth

2013 – Genuin

Published worldwide in five languages, the CD contains piano works by Franz Schubert, complemented by FF’ own audio commentary in 5 languages with comparisons between Schubert’s historical context and the context of our time.

Do we still need Schubert today? Filippo Faes thinks yes and explains why

After this publication, Faes developed the idea of ​​proposing it live in the form of concert conversations.

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